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Yak is a social collaboration tool

It allows you to have a fully operational social site, skinned to your own branding, integrated with your existing infrastructure and customised to your own requirements. Yak enables employees, suppliers and customers to have that familier social experience within your business.



Register with email address or login with Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Profile Page

All users have a profile page with image and tags and customizable categories.

News Feed

Intelligent news feed showing content based on tags, friends, groups, location, likes, comments.


Supports embedding of YouTube videos and Uploading of video files which get encoded to all devices


All items in the system can be tagged. Tags can also be set by system admins which prompt the user keeping consistency.


User can like any item in the feed


Any item in the feed can be commented on.


Any item posted can be pinned to the top of a profile page or group page.


Groups can be created by users and can be set up as follows:-
Closed - invite to join
Private - request to join
Open - anyone can join

Group Hierarchy

Groups can be children of other groups. This allows messaging to filter down groups. groups can set if they allow children

Group Commenting

Line the main feed, groups have a feed also.


Set with a title, location, date and time.
Events have the same features as groups


All items on the site can be shared with social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


Users can follow groups and stars on the site without friending them.


Images and videos uploaded are all viewable in a gallery.


Groups will be suggested to users based on likes, location, friends, followers.


Comprehensive search of all types of items within the site is build in.


Users can be invited by other users to join the site by email and social media.

Push notifications

Keep people informed on the move.

"Using Yak for DemonSport quickly gave us a product which suited our very niche needs around grassroots sport." - CTO Demon Sport

Who is it for?

Yak is for organisations who want to communicate better.

Yak is for shared workspaces getting businesses to work closer together.

Yak is for clubs and orgnisations who want to socialise and grow without the noise of Facebook.

One client quoted it as “Yammer on steroids”. People are worried about social media impacting the working lives of employees, and impacting productivity. This is not the case. When a business embraces social, employees feel more connected to other employees. The usual hierarchical gaps in an organisation become less apparent. Opinions are shared, non-work activities grow and people feel part of the organisation.

For a share workspace, it encourages business to work with other businesses within the vicinity. In encourages people to talk, arrange social activities, sell, advise and grow. For the workspace a community feel is encouraged, making it a better place to work, attracting new businesses.

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How do I get it?

Yak isn’t just another generic tool (Like Elgg for example). Its an tool that fires up a social media experience. We will take our API and creative and tailor it to your requirements. We will take your branding, your ideas, your workflow and make it the experience you want for your users.

Contact us and let us talk through it with you.

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